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Here is an image I created inspired by  =


Commonly known as the Fibonacci sequence  after the nick name of an Italian mathematician (although actually found to have been discovered much earlier by an Indian musical theorist called Pingala – known as the maatraameru)

The sequence is simple (as easy as 1,1,2,3 : ) – in integers it goes:


and so on

The rule of the sequence is to add the number to the previous number… Here is a great video explaining how this can be worked out  visually and where this occurs throughout nature:

Once you are aware of it you start to notice it in the natural beauty of everything – from diagrams of the inner ear…

to, DNA, hurricanes, galaxies…

…to the subtlety of (the very costly – according to Steve Jobs biography) apple logo:

I mention all of this – as the psychology of beauty – as far as I understand perception of beauty is measurable – as cells symmetrical when perfectly formed – while a small amount of asymmetry can add to a ‘perfect’ image to show the flawed humanity that we relate to as it shows an off confidence – or the ability to be so confident we can afford to mark ourselves unconfident (like a jaunty top hat or a girls hair covering one eye or a piercing on one side of a lower lip)… this numerical sequence can also adhere to art inorder to create a response of natural beauty in a manmade construction.

So beauty is not subjective but actually a curved line that creates a rectangle that generates a ratio of…



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