In order to get funding to make a prototype I pitched for REVEAL INNOVATIONS an artists award from SOMERSET FILM.

My pitch was successful and you can now see the prototype develop via my blog homepage – below is my original pitch…


My pitch for Reveal Innovations is to create something that will be experimental and pioneering to reinvent the current film audience experience.

With the use of the £500 I want to create a prototype for a bi-naural and stereoscopic first person helmet rig that would shoot a human’s visual and audio engagement and then play it back to another person through the headset.

With the limited budget I feel the recent advancements in technology allow this to be an incredible experience made from a mixture of recycled and low-fi equipment – allowing for a BladeRunneresque device that will allow the concept of walking a mile in someone else’s shoes a reality.

While creating the rig and the experience will be fun in itself the actual thing I am most interested in is using storytelling and first person to allow an audience to at least feel they understand and connect with the individuals point of view they are experiencing. This will involve short POV films being made that are an experience similar to the concept of ‘being John Malkovich’ where you enter the head of someone else…

These short films will be easy to make once the rig is built, as it will be a simple case of put on the headset and carry on experiencing the world – the real challenge is who these people are. The more un-relatable the person the better, to break down potential boundaries between audience and storyteller.

For instance an addict, a new Mum, a training cage fighter, a traffic warden, a young child, a pensioner – the stories of people I may have only seen momentarily but never from their point of view.

This would then play back on a loop once the headset is activated so that people could wear it and experience many peoples point of view – which would work one at a time but

with the exhibition option for events as having the same images being projected along with people taking turns at wearing the headset so that a 2D version is shared while the reactions of the helmet wearer becomes centre stage as they react to the contained world they are experiencing.

So here is the biggest question I’d imagine – is this technically possible?

Yes… through scrap materials I can build this Bladerunneresque helmet with the various attachments it will need – after that it is a simple set up of adjusting synched HDR goggle screens into it – mini cams set up just off from where a humans eyes would be, binaural mics where the ears are and headphones built in.

This will then lead into a power pack and mini hard drive that can be clipped to a back pocket.

While this will look far from professional as this sci fi punk Mad Max kit, as a prototype the experience will be incredible.

It will also have huge potential to continue to develop on from this project with plans to shoot it at a higher resolution and then map 40% of the image onto the viewing screens at any given moment and then add gyroscopes into the headset so that the person experiencing it has the option to turn their head so many degrees to choose where to look.

What I would really like to do from there is to make it an interactive DVD experience so that the viewer can go on a first person journey that they choose – like a choose your own adventure book brought into the 21st Century…

Ultimately it is not about the technology but the content and reaction to it – I hope that 1st Person Headware can reinvent the way we are able to relate to each other…

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