360 FILM

I met icci at the SheptonDigiFest 2011 as they had set up a 9 metre dome for 360 viewing and they were putting a call out for content for their 7 week exhibition in Weymouth as part of the UK’s Olympic celebrations. Here is their video of what they do…
Here is my pitch to icci to hopefully get funding to make a short narrative piece (as follows)
A short green screen action/drama about a jaded failed athlete past his prime who kidnaps the worlds top athletes in order to have one more shot at living out his dream of getting gold. With all the athletes missing it is up to a team of Paralympic athletes to rescue them and save the show before it is too late…
My expertise is telling stories visually – the 360 dome is great for non narrative exhibition pieces – but these don’t interest me – I am all about storytelling.
I wanted to make a story that combines the theme of the incredible event of the UK Paralympics and a superhero kidnap plot – what’s not to love!
To me the Olympics is less interesting than the Paralympics – people with perceived disadvantages striving for improvement is a poetic visual symbol of humanity at it’s best and the inspiration of other’s overcoming setbacks – which is what every film is about – characters on journey’s overcoming obstacles.
The challenge I hope to overcome is telling a story in a pioneering medium where the viewer has to be forced to turn their whole body to look where you want them to – I appreciate that sound is key to this and direction in storyboards appreciating the medium.
Think Murderball meets the Matrix in a 3 minute kick ass emotionally charged story celebrating the event it will be exhibited within!
So fingers crossed they accept and a 360 panoramic film shoot will shortly be getting underway!

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