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The icci360 bods at Plymouth University are remaking their underwater camera with GO PRO HD HEROS – the reason for this is they have wider lenses(170 or 127 degrees)

This helps because as soon as you put a camera under water the millimetre measurement of the lens is no longer relavent due to the refraction of light through water… here are some images to illustrate how refraction works…

This is what as known as the angle of incident – where the light changes angle through the different substance…

And so starting wider allows their to be less blind spots for the dome projection – where the 5 images need to edge blend into one another

However another issue with the GOPRO HD HERO 2 is that the image goes soft with it’s curved lens underwater – so people have been experimenting with adapting the lens flatter for a much sharper image…

The other reason for using the GO PROS is that they now have a synch cable – meaning one button can switch them all on at once – allowing a bank of the things to be used together to get bullettime footage out in the water – as done for these surfing commericals



So I am making a film to be screened in this thing…

And as if 360 cinerama wasn’t a gimmick enough – I plan to give my a narrative structure and do a lot of underwater panoramic… I was planning at creating a rig from GO PRO HD HERO 2’s – but it appears the commissioners at icci360  have already got one that I may be able to blag!

Got a lot of tech info at Plymouth University today as to image alignment and post workflow to make this thing work – now it’s just a case to forget the fact there is all this new technology and remember to figure out what the story is…

360 icci film has the thumbs up!

Good news this week! My application to make a 360 film for a dome cinema set up for the Olympics has been given the green light. This creates exciting challenges to consider in drawing the audience’s attention through 6 channel sound mix and 5 screens – of course just like 3D this is all nothing new as it had it’s original launch with CINERAMA…

icci 360 sheptondigifest demo

Short doc of the Shepton Digi Fest icci 360 dome demo starring yours truly 🙂

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