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Chronotopic anamorphosis

This is an effect done in camera – the name broken down means CHRONO – Time (like in chronological) TROPIC – parallel of latitude (like the lines we use to measure points on the earth) ANA (which I think is a derivation from Arabic as an indefinite article) and MORPHIC – Where something changes from one form is altered into another form (like Morph the plasticine bloke in Tony Heart’s old art show)

So a latitudinal time shift might be a more English way of understanding the words origins. The technique is created by exposing each frame in a shift rather than all at once – in fact on slower shutters in films objects in fast movement tend to have a bend in them. This light capturing phenomenon of the bend has been employed as a technique for that fast movement in animators (through analysing the frames on film, Tex Avery was able to develop his unique exaggerated speedy moving characters)

This video creates the technique in post by shifting each line of 1% of the images pixels a frame out of synch. I hope to use this technique on a music video soon so watch this space : )


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