So I was kindly donated an oscilloscope the other day – a funky little analogue device that looks like it might be used for busting ghosts…

Turns out it is actually a nifty gadget for measuring voltage – creating a changeable line on the graph for DC and AC to get accurate readings.

DC gives you a flatline with it’s steady constant flow – AC gives you various – & + curves as it alternates back and fourth – but where it gets real trippy is music – where it becomes an oldschool audio visualiser

This is all to do with the fast flow of electricity (usually reading points at 48,000 times per second) to pull the magnets in a cone to create a push of air imitating the sound it original recorded – so I get the sound element of it to some degree, but the gap in my knowledge is – well – what’s electricity?

While we’re on old school – here’s some classy education to start me from the ground up…


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