Eadward Muybridge was a well known experimental photographer – here is a panorama of San Francisco he created…

and another of his inventions – the zoopraxiscope – an early movement illusion much like a zoetrope

And he also did some incredible things with early three dimension illusions in photography:

The rich gentry, with time to gamble on the races, had begun to argue about the correct way in which there commissioned painters captured their horses. The human eye is not possible to see the exact details of how they move – whether all feet leave the ground at once or one or two have contact at all times… see for yourself:

So Muybridge got involved to do a thorough scientific investigation – allowing him to invent a way of having cameras lined up to take images triggered by the horse running into a thread – when all the images were put together – a flickbook effect was possible and the movement was captured against measuring charts to have as a reference…

This led to a comprehensive series of locomotion studies using this technique – using circus animals and actors to analyse movements…

The only major development with some movements was to lose the triggering mechanism and redesign it on clockwork to create a frame rate…

These collection of motions have been a reference for animators ever since – and the concept of separate cameras creating each frame came back full circle with the concept of bullet-time


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