SHOOTING FORMATS #0.4: Chemical developments

Curiously inventions seem to all come at once – maybe as a species we are suddenly able to unlstags new stage through what has come before.

Shortly before Daguere, Hercules Florence had invented the same thing. A more isolated character whose other inventions all focused on the recording of things – worked with a chemist to create the recording of light onto chemicals – which he called photographie.

Photo graph – is the coming together of two Greek words. Photo meaning light and graph meaning drawing. To draw with light.

Unaware of this naming, John Herschel (above) who developed the use of sodium thiosulfate to create an improved fixing solution on the first negative glass plate – also called this development ‘photography’.

Just as Niepce had washed away dried bitumen on a sheet of pewter with lavender oils,anyone has had a go in a dark room will know chemical baths are used in modern photography.
One wash to develop the image, a developer to bring out the latent image, a fixer to stop the development from continuing and a stop bath to wash away the chemicals.


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