SHOOTING FORMATS #0.0: Observing the universe

In the beginning of all filmmaking – was a bunch of humans with a curiosity and a need for stories.
It is recorded the Egyptians first thought the earth was the floor of a massive box shaped universe…

Around 3500 B.C. Phonenicians recorded a discovery while cooking that the properties of the sand they were cooking on changed…

Some time later the Greek Aristophanes (who also figured out an estimate of the diameter of the planet using shadow measurements over large distances) used glass lenses with water to magnify the sun to ignite a fire.

Then for some time the only realised application of a lens was eye sight correction… until 1608 onwards where the discovery that two lenses a distant apart can magnify sight. This led to Galileo Galilei using this technique to improve the practice of star gazing.

Astronomy – coming from the Greek word as “Law and Order” is the study of the arrangement and movement of the stars – this long distance called for exact precision and meant early development in lenses were way ahead of the other elements of a camera as we know it today…


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