So hear is the thing I have been thinking about – if the rig is designed to get inside someone else’s head and see things from their point of view – how powerful will that be and what stories do I want to tell? I want it to be designed to make others more relatable – in a challenging, not a preaching to the converted way. So the question is who don’t I relate to? Who do I actually feel foreign and distanced from – who would widen my understanding to see how they see life?

Some suggestions so far:

  1. Traffic Wardens
  2. An Elderly person
  3. Someone physically disabled
  4. Nuns – or anyone devoutly religious
  5. A raver on a night out
  6. A Celebrity
  7. Political Extremist
  8. MMA cage fighter
  9. Toddler (even though I was one once I have forgotten)
  10. Someone with anger management issues
  11. An Addict
  12. A KnackerMan
  13. A Pregnant woman (not a pregnant man just so we are clear)
  14. An inuit or someone from a completely different culture
  15. A Prisoner
All of these trigger off ideas for jump cut POV doc montages – it would be great if people could also add their own commentary too them that can be listened back as their thoughts for a true POV experience!
Having looked up the best POV films out there – here’s a comedy that works cause it gives me a fresh perspective – just click on the pick below to be transported there…

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